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Questions & Answers

  • Who is Delta Fresh?
    Delta Fresh is a partnership of operators, owners and project managers, investing in this initiative to develop a freeze drying, cold storage and food processing centre. As a sub-agricultural service, the facility will contribute to the sustainability and feasibility of fresh produce farming and food production in Delta. The partnership includes individuals with decades of extensive experience in owning and operating farms, food storage and processing facilities throughout the Fraser Valley region.
  • Is this project being proposed to be built on agricultural land?
    Yes. Although the land is not within the boundaries of the BC Agricultural Land Reserve, it is zoned 'Agricultural' in Delta's Official Community Plan.
  • Why is this property not being farmed if it's zoned for agricultural use?
    Historically, this property was part of a productive farming operation. However, over the last thirty-five years it has been utilized in several different non-agricultural capacities by previous owners. Its uses included a staging area for heavy equipment, and as a fill site during the development of Hwy 91 as well as the construction of the Alex Fraser Bridge. Over time, these alternate uses have heavily compromised the property to the extent that it is no longer suitable for traditional soil-based agricultural use.
  • Why are you proposing this kind of facility?
    We are proposing this facility because Delta's farmers need it. We felt that we should honour the existing agricultural zoning in such a way as to create a facility that will provide a net benefit and added value for our local farming community.
  • Are there no other agricultural uses possible for this land?
    The only other suitable agricultural activity that could possibly be considered for this land would be an industrial-sized greenhouse, which would not require rezoning. However, it was assessed that the adverse effect of night-time lighting would be far too intrusive and incompatible with nearby residential developments as well as the surrounding sensitive wetland environments in Burns Bog.
  • What kind of operations are expected at the facility?
    No food production will take place at this facility. The only operations conducted at this facility will be freeze drying, storage and packaging of freeze dried products.
  • Why are you proposing to construct a cold-storage facility on the property?
    Temperature-controlled storage helps extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. As our region continues to grow in population, cold storage extends our capacity to maintain a consistent supply of fresh products, strengthening local food security. This is a state-of-the-art facility that is in high demand in the local region and would benefit Delta’s farmers.
  • What is the reasoning for choosing this area of the Burns Bog land reserve?
    The project site is not part of Burns Bog. The bog is located on the north end of the project site and is separated by a large ditch. The intended design includes a 30-meter natural habitat protection setback from the watercourse. Through collaboration with industry leading experts, the team has assessed that the project will have no negative impact on Burns Bog. It should also be noted that extensive Ministry of Environment regulations, as well as strict oversight by Delta’s Department of Climate Change and Environment, as well as a review by the Agricultural Land Commission’s scientists have confirmed our very detailed plan as being acceptable in its protection of the Bog, and all surrounding natural habitat areas. This project includes the restoration and enhancement of wetlands and watercourses. An on-site wetland habitat restoration will take place, as well as the incorporation of an on-site storm water management plan. The existing ditches will remain and on-site storm water runoff will be conveyed away from the existing watercourses.
  • Will there be livestock processing?
    There will be no livestock nor livestock products or by-products processed at this facility.
  • Will views from the Westview Drive properties to the East be affected by the height of the project?
    Views from any residential properties to the east will not be affected by the facility. The architect has highlighted that the building is relatively shallow and fits well within the tree canopy, its height being lower even than that of the highway lights; thus it will have no effect on the views.
  • Will traffic flow affect the neighbourhoods?
    Commercial traffic is not allowed in residential neighbourhoods in Delta; it is limited only to the routes directly accessing highways. Upgrades are planned to the access routes from the site to the interchange, increasing safety for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. Costs for these improvements are borne by the project owners and facility operators.
  • Concerning runoff of precipitation from buildings and paved areas: it's noted that some wetland is planned. Will this collect and filter all precipitation, or will some be diverted via storm drains?
    Engineering studies and designs specify the separation of water flow affecting the natural habitat (riparian areas, bog and existing/new wetlands) from any draining from buildings and parking areas. Any building runoff is captured and directed into the Metro storm sewer system. All natural habitat waterway (streams and wetlands) layout designs have been assessed by environmental engineers to confirm the waterways are not affected by project drainage. These waterways will benefit from a net gain in total area and protection of their habitat as a result of this redevelopment, with costs for these upgrades borne by project owners and facility operators.
  • Regarding the refrigerant to be used in the cold storage at Delta Fresh, I'm worried that ammonia will be used.
    This phase of engineering has not been initiated yet, but the refrigerant for cooling processes will be based on efficiency requirements, utilizing an AHRI approved refrigerant, with all installations fully compliant with Tech BC reviews and inspections, much like our nearby community ice rinks.
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