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Our Technology


Delta Fresh utilizes the very latest in dehydration technology.


A modern and fully equipped laboratory allows us to apply the best practices in food science, and serves to help our customers develop the products they need.

Working directly with Delta’s Farmers will strengthen the supply chain with access to local produce, ensuring the very best in quality and the freshest products.

"Transportation costs are a huge economic factor in any farming operation. The closer the farm is to local markets, the more value a farmer can derive from their products...not to mention the reduced negative environmental impacts."
Bill Zylmans
Former Regional Chair, BC Agricultural Land Commission
Organic Vegetables

Freeze drying is a gentle dehydration process used for high quality preservation of perishable foods.

Beginning in the 1950s, industrial freeze drying of foods became more widespread. Coffee was one of the first freeze-dried foods to be produced at an industrial scale. Today, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, herbs and food flavouring can all be successfully freeze dried.

The final freeze-dried product typically contains between 1% and 4% moisture. Final food products are nitrogen sealed and packed.

Image by Dani California

They can be stored between 6 months and 3 years in polybags, and 25 years or longer in cans.

Freeze-dried foods possess superior quality. The high quality is due to the absence of a liquid phase, as well as the low temperature of the process. Freeze drying preserves flavor, color, and appearance, while minimizing thermal damage to heat-sensitive nutrients.


In addition, the texture is well preserved due to the process occurring in a solid state. Freeze-dried products are typically crisper and have re-hydration ratios four to six times higher than conventional air-dried foods. Other key benefits of freeze-drying include the high recovery of volatiles, retention of structure and surface area, high yield, long shelf life, and reduced weight for storage, shipping, and handling.


We Create Delicious Solutions with Powerful Technology

Delta Fresh uses state of the art freeze drying technology to create the best finished product in its class. Markets around the world desire these finished products because of their superior quality. This is achieved by adhering to the strictest standards of processing, sourcing the freshest ingredients, and a commitment to incomparable quality control.


We Promise You the Best

Nothing leaves our facility without first meeting the most stringent quality control standards. Our commitment is to deliver quality without compromise. We won't let you bring anything home to your family that we wouldn't bring home to our families!

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